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Bending tools from manufacturer - ALBROMET

Rohrbiegewerkzeuge von ALBROMET

Bending tools from manufacturer - ALBROMET


Our system link mandrels in best quality achieve high quality bending. They are exchangeable and can be used for a long time due to spare part sets.

Depending on the application and tube material ALBROMET offers tube bending tools made of different materials. In particular, bending mandrels and wiper dies are produced. We place value on highest material quality in order to minimize abrasion.

All tube bending tools are manufactured according customer drawings or designed by ALBROMET. As a manufacturer of tube bending tools, we place the highest value on function and design. The bending process is simulated by CAD, tested on function and collision. Most of the tools are made of hard aluminum bronze, therefore we achive a very good formability.

For other applications, for example non-ferrous metals, tube bending tools are produced from steel with coatings suitable for the application. The high-precision links between shaft and balls are made of tool steel in high-strength top quality.

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System-Link mandrels

made from hard bronze ALBROMET 300 HSC or ool steel / with coating

- use up to bending ratio of 1:1
- reset by links (spring force)
- best quality, inexpensive, exchangeable
- spare part set available
- all spare parts replaceable

Special desingns:
​- sd® mit 40% reduced ball distance
​- xsd® mit 80% reduced ball distance
​- MMS for minimal quantity lubrication
​- HG high gloss package for aluminized tubes
- plug mandrels
- formed mandrels


from stock
incl. standard parts

- high tear- and wear resistance
​- special steel for highest
​  strength/toughness properties

Wiper dies and -inserts

made from ALBROMET aluminum bronze
or tool steel / with coating

- Best elongation at break values >16%
- very good sliding properties
  (nickel free alloy)
- best wear results due to
  high strength
​- inexpensive
- short delivery times

  • for universal application
  • the bending quality is continuously high, the parts remain stable
  • collision-checked due to CAD technology
  • the standard system link mandrels can be used up to a bending ratio of 1:1
  • The links reset themselves automatically by spring force
  • The link mandrels are produced in best quality and are quickly replaceable
  • ​Long periods of use due to spare parts sets


Technical advice

Peter Lang




Peter Lang CEO Geschäftsleitung

Technical advice

Gabriel Weller

Leader Sales Finish parts |
CAD Construction




Gabriel Weller

Designs of system link mandrels

Standard System link mandrel - with NORMAL LUBRICATION


  • fast delivery time
  • affordable price

Inquiry system link mandrel

ALBROMET Standard System Gliederdorn mit Normalschmierung

Standard System link mandrel - with MINIMAL QUANTITY LUBRICATION


  • low oil consumption
  • oil exit closer to bending area
  • better oil distribution due to compressed air feed of fluids
  • LBI lubrication system compatible 

Inquiry system link mandrel

ALBROMET Standard System Gliederdorn mit MMS-Schmierung

sd-desing "small distance" (normal & minimal quantity lubrication)


  • with 40% reduced ball distance
  • large contact area
  • wrinkle-free bending for thin-walled tubes

Inquiry system link mandrel

ALBROMET Biegedorn SD-Ausführung (small distance)

x-sd-design "extra small distance" (minimal quantity & normal lubrication)


  • with 80% reduced ball spacing
  • reduced ball spacing due to smaller connecting links
  • for extremely thin-walled tubes
  • for difficult bending jobs
  • ​connecting links one size smaller

Inquiry system link mandrel

ALBROMET Biegedorn X-SD Ausführung (extra small distance)

Plug mandrel


  • for tubes with thick walls or
    diameter / wall thickness ratio >10%
  • available in different grades from ALBROMET

Inquiry plug mandrel

ALBROMET Stummeldorn | Rohrbiegewerkzeuge

Formed mandrel


  • for tubes with thick walls or
    diameter / wall thickness ratio >10%
  • 3D milled contour in the bending area
  • larger contact surface
  • for perfect bending result
  • available in different grades from ALBROMET

Inquiry formed mandrel

ALBROMET Löffeldorn | Rohrbiegewerkzeug

Spare parts system link mandrels

Bending segment (balls) different designs

Bending ball "standard design"

Biegesegment | Biegekugel Standard von ALBROMET

Bending ball "sd design"

Biegesegment | Biegekugel sd-Ausführung von ALBROMET

Bending ball "x-sd design"

Biegesegment | Biegekugel xsd-Ausführung von ALBROMET

Attention! Variants can NOT be combined with each other.



Connecting links

Your Advantage

  • tensile strength > 1000 N/mm2
  • Elongation > 10%
  • Precise design
  • Metric system
  • Compatible with inch system
  • Accessories included
  • From stock, including standard part


The high-precision connecting links between the shaft and between the balls are manufactured from a heat-treated tool steel in high-strength top quality with extremely high strength and thus reduced operating costs. Due to in-house production, the investment costs stay affordable.

Spare part set

Your Advantage

  • Ready installed spare part
  • Replaceable with only one screw
  • Quick installation
  • Can be used again immediately
  • Short machine downtime
  • Available from ALBROMET in all variants
ALBROMET Ersatzteilset




  • Other dimensions on request
  • Standard design includes lubrication groove and drill holes (internal lubrication)
  • Screw thread according customer requirements


BR | bending ratio (= bend radius average : tube diameter outside)

WF | wall thickness factor (= tube diameter outside : tube wall thickness)

   P | plug mandrel

M1 | Link mandrel (the value given in the column indicates the number of links)

M2 | Thin wall-link mandrel (the value given in the column shows the number of links)

 W | Wiper die

  • Recommended adjustment of the system link mandrel
  • End over tangent, depending on tube diameter (acc. chart)
  • Fine adjustment after analysis of bended tubes

Wiper dies and -inserts

Wiper dies

Wiper die insert
Wiper die in rectangular desing

  • made of ALBROMET aluminum bronze
  • made of tool steel / with coatings
  • coating acc. to application


Inquiry wiper die

Inquiry wiper die insert

Inquiry wiper die holder

Faltenglätter von ALBROMET



ALBROMET Schema Darstellung für Rohrbiegewerkzeuge


ALBROMET Rohrbiegewerkzeug | Gliederdorne
ALBROMET Rohrbiegewerkzeug | Gliederdorn


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