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Slide bearings in specific designs

Gleitbuchsen von ALBROMET

Special design slide bearings from manufacturer

Super Slide - slide bearings & sliding bushes made of ALBROMET200

Service life and material make the difference.


ALBROMET-200 Superslide Gleitlager und Gleitbuchsen

Aluminum bronze ALBROMET 200 for sliding bushes and slide bearings

The best guides are the ones you don't have to worry about! We have the material for them. ALBROMET200 is a universal aluminum bronze. Excellent sliding properties, high strength and extra emergency running properties ensure long service lives.

Plain bushes and plain bearings - according customers requirements made of highest quality

  • High strength
  • Best wear resistance
  • Very good sliding properties
  • Good emergency running properties
  • Low permeability

From the simplest bushing up to the finished product according your drawing, we set highest standards for ourselves. Albromet is certified according to DIN ISO 9001. We supply sliding elements with graphite bushings only in special production. Convince yourself of our work and service to all our customers.

ALBROMET - green alloys

What are “GreenAIIoys”?
GreenAIIoys are materials which contain less or no nickel, tin or lead.

Sliding bearings made out of nickel-free aluminum bronze


With plain bearings and plain bushes from Albromet, you can rely on the best tribology - service life, environmental protection and use of resources. Our plain bearings and bushings are made from aluminum bronze Albromet 200, which is free of nickel, tin and lead. Making it a GreenAlloys material. This material delivers excellent results in many industries in which conventional materials are still used as wear partners. Albromet200 has proven itself in the fields of mechanical engineering, aircraft construction, offshore equipment, petrochemistry and plastics technology. Our material is also approved for the food industry. Plain bearings and plain bushes made from Albromet 200 are environmentally friendly in production and recycling. Please feel free to contact us. We are specialized in the custom manufacturing of plain bearings and plain bushes and would be happy to provide you with well-founded and competent advice.

Besides bearing bushes ALBROMET 200
is also used for:

  • guides
  • gears, worm wheels
  • Spindle nuts
  • Functional components
  • Clean room technology
  • Bearing bushes with solid lubricants and more

Typical applications for
sliding elements are in sectors like:

  • Paper machines
  • Conveyor systems
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Offshore equipment
  • Automotive industry
  • Toolmaking
  • Packaging machines
  • Food processing equipment
  • Plastic molds
Mechanical and Physical Properties of ALBROMET-200

Bearing bushes and slide bearings - we offer individual solutions

You need custom made slide bearings or bushes? Do not hesitat to send your drawing or ideas, we will be glad to make a special offer.

With our own machinery and KNOW-HOW we are here at your disposal. We manufacture flanges in special sizes or bars with special contours and rings, bushings or connectors according to highest quality standards.


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Which special designs are technically possible fro slide bearings?

There are several application areas, such as rolled, sintered or solid slide bearings. ALBROMET is specialized in solid slide bearings.


Where are high-quality slide bearings are used for?

The main application areas are mechanical engineering, tool and mold making, food technology as well as special machines and packaging technology.


Are there different types of slide bearings?

The difference is made between dry-running bearings, solid lubricant bearings and lubricated slide bearings with continuous oil lubrication over lubrication grooves/bags.


What are the advantages of slide bearings compared to other bearing types?

Slide bearings can support much higher loads - against rolling bearings (ball bearings) for example. But they are slower in terms of sliding speed. The application decides.


What is the difference between rolling and slide bearings?

In rolling bearings rotating elements reduce the friction resistance between an inner and outer ring.
In contrast to slide bearings, the two parts moving each other are in direct contact with lubrication. They gliding against the resistance caused by sliding friction.


What is meant by solid slide bearings?

These are standard slide bearing with oil or grease lubrication. Usually it is made from a single bearing material. The slide bearing bushes are often made out of copper alloys and are supplied with oil grooves.


Do I get personal advice from ALBROMET?

We offer rofessional advice of material purpose, design and manufacture of slide bearings. Also prototype production before installing in series is possible.


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