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Copper Alloys

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Our product range also includes conductive copper alloys with hardness from 170 up to 360 brinell, brought into shape due to hot forming, pressing and forging.

These materials are thermally hardened and combine very good electricity and heat conduction with very high mechanical properties and excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance.

The higher the hardness, the lower the thermal conductivity - and reversed.

As a general rule we talk about copper-based alloys. Those are mixed with nickel, cobalt, silicon, beryllium and chromium.
They belong to the “low-alloy” copper range.

Our two beryllium-free alloys ALBROMET-W164 and ALBROMET-W200, fulfil the demand of resource-saving materials.


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High Conductivity Copper from ALBROMET



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Berylliumfree alloys

Looking for a berylliumfree alloy ?

The number after the "W" stands for the thermal conductivity of these copper alloys at 20 ° C in W / m K.

ALBROMET-W164 combines excellent thermal conductivity with high strength of 860 N / mm² and has been developed as a very good replacement for beryllium alloys in the high-end area. This is the most important innovation of recent times.

ALBROMET conductive copper alloys are used in plastic mold and extrusion technology. As mold inserts and cores to optimize the cycle period and product quality. As well as in frequently other components as nozzles and blow moulds.

These alloys are used in the whole mechanical engineering, as welding mirrors, temperature control elements and electrodes in resistance welding.

They are proper for EDM(spark erosion), and repair welding is also possible.

Berylliumfreie Kupferlegierung ALBROMET-W164


The following copper alloy has been declared safe for use in direct contact with food by an independent testing institute. This  alloy is therefore also ideal for use in the food technology and packaging industry and combines high wear resistance with very good thermal conductivity.


What are the applications of copper?

Especially in industrial applications, where high heat or electrical conductivity is required, and additionally high strength. The copper alloys are used - among others - in plastics technology, automotive, welding technology and mechanical engineering.

How are copper alloys produced?

Copper alloys are usually produced trough classic melting processes and further fabrications like continuous cast billets in forging- and extruding plants.


Is there a possibility to order customized copper alloys?

In terms of dimensions ad design, many requirements can be covered. Different copper alloys are tested for a very long time and always applicable to individual demands.


What does thermal conductivity mean for a copper alloy?

Thermal conductivity (SI) of copper alloys is usually measured in W/(m*K). This is a material property and reflects the heat transport within this material. The higher the number, the higher the transport capacity.


Are copper alloys magnetic?

Our materials are essentially non-magnetic. This is an advantage in many applications. There is usually no sparking. Shavings and metallic dust do not adhere.

How can I identify high-quality copper alloy products?

By the physical shape, the proper analysis, and the correct mechanical values.


What is the delivery time of copper alloys from ALBROMET?

Copper alloys are usually on stock and ready for shipment in 2-3 working days. Special parts may cause a longer delivery time.


Can I get personal advice on copper alloys from ALBROMET?

Of course, you will be personally advised on our copper alloys at ALBROMET. We look forward to hearing from you. Don´t hesitate to contact us.


Are ALBROMET copper alloys suitable for resistance welding?

Yes, the alloys are suitable for resistance welding and are selected according to electrical conductivity and hardness. Highly recommended is our ALBROMET-W200 and ALBROMET-W240.


Our customer gain from our competent advice in various areas of applications and a very big warehouse. As a stockholder, we have round, flat and square bars, semi-finished products in our range as well as forged parts in very large dimensions. With our 12 machines in preprocessing, the sawing center is very powerful. This is why we are able to handle our customer orders extremely flexible.

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