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Aluminum bronze

Aluminiumbronzen von ALBROMET


Many products are "Made in Germany”
or made by leading American manufacturers.

Our metals are available in continuous cast, centrifugal cast, pressed, drawn, wrought and forged quality.

The highlights are our German HSC bronzes. These include pre-machined or pre-cut high-end products, which are always produced via a downstream process such as forging or pressing. This avoids problems such as oxygen inclusions or coarse-grained structures. The particular straightness guarantees CNC machining in bar loaders and significantly reduces delays. Excellent service life and good processing mean significant benefits for processors and users.

Aluminiumbronze ALBROMET-200 Blockzuschnitt

We also sell GREEN ALLOYS.

This material contains none or only very less (<0.05%) nickel.

Count on the best in tribology, service life, environmental protection and resource use with our nickel-free, environmentally friendly, and food-grade aluminium bronze ALBROMET-200.

ALBROMET - green alloys

Food Compliance

The following aluminum bronzes have been declared safe for use in direct contact with food by an independent testing institute:
ALBROMET-A200  Certificate of Compliance A-200

ALBROMET A-260Ni   Certificate of Compliance A260Ni

Both alloys have high wear resistance and are an excellent sliding partner for steel. They have proven themselves over many years in the food technology and packaging industry.




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What are the applications of ALBROMET aluminum bronzes?

Our materials are used, among others, in forming technology, mechanical and plastic engineering, automotive, as well as in the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries. They can be used for tube bending tools, slide bearings, as well as gripping- and holding elements.


What are the properties of aluminum bronzes?

Our aluminum bronzes have very good mechanical properties, sliding properties, adhesion properties, high thermal conductivity and good wearing properties. They are easy to machine with carbide-equipped tools. You can check our machining instructions.


Are there aluminum bronzes that are safe for food?

Our material ALBROMET-200 is food compatible, therefore it can be used in the food industry without any problems. In the downoad area you can check the certificate.


Are aluminum bronzes corrosion resistant and acid resistant?

Our aluminum bronze ALBROMET-200 has a laboratory release and safety certificate for contact with food and is suitable up to a pH value >4.5. In individual cases, product advice is offered according to the application.


In what kind of quality does ALBROMET supply aluminum bronzes?

The program includes semi-finished products. Round material, tubes, flat bars and also blocks from which precise cuttings can be done. The materials are available in continuous casting quality, pressed, drawn, cast or forged. Finished parts are also possible. Please check our CNC processing.


Is aluminum bronze magnetic?

The permeability of our ALBROMET-220Ni is 1.07 H = 100 Oe. This means that the value is so low that it is practically non-magnetic and spark-free. This material can come into contact with seawater and can therefore be used in the oil & gas industry. 


For which purpose is nickel added?

The addition of nickel makes materials corrosion resistant. Materials like our ALBROMET-220Ni or ALBROMET-260Ni are therefore suitable for the marine sector as well as for the chemical industry.


Are ALBROMET aluminum bronzes suitable for welding?

Some of the materials are weldable in standard processes. ALBROMET-300 to ALBROMET-380 is better processed with laser welding equipment.


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