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Copper alloys for the plastic engineering

Aluminiumbronze für die Kunststofftechnik von ALBROMET

ALBROMET aluminium bronzes are used in plastics engineering for sliding elements in plastic moulds. The special copper alloys are excellent materials for inserts or cores in mould making to achieve improved temperature control, demouldability, and low adhesion. Thermal conductivity is of particular importance, since the heating and cooling process requires the largest amount of time. The higher the tempering speed, the greater the time savings for the customer.

High-conductivity copper alloys for cores, inserts and plates have particularly good thermal conductivity, and therefore meet the high requirements of plastics engineering. The fast tempering response ensures reliable form fidelity and product shrinkage. Uniform heat distribution in the tool ensures shorter cycle times and significantly improves the surface of plastic-injection and blown parts. 


High-conductivity copper alloys reduce costs

Increase the temperature up to a maximum of 240 (thermal conductivity W/m*K; high-conductivity copper alloy)
instead of 24 (thermal conductivity W/m*K; steel)! High-conductivity copper alloys offer the best form retention
in plastics engineering. The fast tempering response ensures reliable form fidelity and optimal product shrinkage properties.


ALBROMET high-conductivity copper alloys ensure better surfaces in plastic technology.

ALBROMET materials ensure significantly improved surfaces for plastic-injection and blown parts.
This is due to the even heat distribution in the tool.


Tailor-made plastics - ALBROMET tool manufacturing

ALBROMET not only provides its customers with the raw material, but also produces a wide variety of components to meet your specific requirements.
This ensures that every customer receives their ideal product.

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