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Our Metals

ALBROMET metals are divided into aluminum bronzes and copper alloys.

Both metal groups are copper-based alloys and consist of approx. 85 - 95% copper.

As the name suggests, the aluminum bronzes are alloyed with 10 - 15% aluminum and additionally with iron, manganese and nickel, which contributes to microstructure improvement, castability or corrosion resistance. These materials belong to the bronzes and also have typical properties of this material group.

ALBROMET copper alloys are all materials from the "low alloyed copper" group. They contain nickel, silicium, cobalt and beryllium and generally have a copper content of approx. 95% with the typical properties of this material group. They are characterized by particularly good thermal conductivity.

You can find more information on our metals in our brochures and material data sheets in the download area.


Sheet metal forming (deep drawing/bending)

  • deep drawing tools
  • dies
  • sheet metal holder
  • bending tools

Mechanical Engineering / Bearings

  • sliding plates / bushings
  • gripper / holder
  • moving elements
  • pressure fittings
  • On/Off-shore technology

Tube bending- / forming

  • bending mandrels
  • wiper dies
  • Sliding rails

Food industry

  • stiring plants
  • sliding elements
  • packaging and wrapping machine parts
  • portion systems

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Plastic Engineering

  • mold inserts
  • welding mirrors
  • tempering elements
  • mold - and scrw cores

Resistance welding / Die casting

  • electrodes
  • electrodes holder
  • welding rolls
  • electrical conductive component
  • welding devices

Mechanical Engineering

  • electrical components
  • conductor rails
  • contacts
  • traffic systems
  • heat conductors
  • die cast plungers

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In our download area you will find our data sheets, brochures, our delivery program and much more


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