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Bending Tools | mandrels & wiper dies

ALBROMET als führender Hersteller für Rohrbiegewerkzeuge

ALBROMET - A leading manufacturer for finished bending tools out of aluminum bronze for mandrels and wiper dies

Our tube bending tools are system products that can be used with all common tube bending machines. The main applications are bending stainless steel and bright steel tubes, as well as titanium and nickel-base alloys. By providing just a few specifications, you get a special design for your individual bending jobs, matching your production.

Rohrbiegewerkzeuge aus Aluminiumbronzen für Dorne und Faltenglätter

Typical industries and sectors of high-precision ALBROMET tube bending tools

  • Automotive
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Aviation
  • Off Shore
  • Chemistry
  • Food technology
  • Furniture Sectors
  • Plant engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Bending technology
Hochpräzise ALBROMET Rohrbiegewerkzeuge


In our Servicearea you can find the inquiry sheets for mandrels, plug mandrels, wiper dies, wiper die inserts and -holder.



Technical advice

Gabriel Weller

Leader Sales Finish parts |
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What features the bending tools from ALBROMET?

As a leading manufacturer, we see ourselves as a specialist for customized tube bending tools. By using high-strength aluminum bronze and special steels, our tube bending tools have the highest form fit, a precise manufacturing accuracy and for this reason a very high quality. Due to our own production, we manage to offer our tube bending tools at economically reasonable prices and to meet fast delivery deadlines. 


Is it possible to have tube bending tools manufactured individually at ALBROMET?

Are you looking for individual tube bending tools? Then you are in the rigth place. In our in-house production, we can manufacture complete units or even individual components individually for you..


Which tube bending tools are produced by ALBROMET?

In the sector of tube bending tools, we produce for our customers in particular bending mandrels and wiper dies with highes material quality.

Our product range includes:

  • system link mandrels made of hard bronze ALBROMET 300 HSC
  • system link mandrels made of tool steel, as required with coatings
  • links: on stock, incl. standard parts
  • wiper dies in rectangular design
    • made of Aluminiumbronze ALBROMET
    • made of steel / with coatings
  • wipe die inserts
    • made of Aluminiumbronze ALBROMET
    • made of steel / with coatings
  • formed mandrels and plug mandrels in all variations


Can I speak to a technical contact for questions about tube bending tools?

You have the possibility to get personal advice on your project from one of our technical contact persons at any time. We will be happy to show you what is technically possible in the area of tube bending tools and what manufacturing and customization options you have with us. We can also create individual designs for special applications for you


Do I receive an individual offer from ALROMET?

Of course you will receive an individual offer from us.
Please send us your inquiry directly with our contact form or write an E-Mail to or get in contact by phone +4981718876.


Is there a product catalog for tube bending tools?

In our product catalogue you will find all important information about our tube bending tools. Download the brochure directly.

Rohrbiegewerkzeuge in eigener Herstellung bei ALBROMET


In our download area you will find our data sheets, brochures, our delivery program and much more


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