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Food technology and packaging industry

Aluminum bronzes and copper alloys for food technology and packaging industry

Albromet offers aluminum bronzes and copper alloys tailored to the specific requirements of the food processing and packaging industries. The mechanical and chemical properties of these alloys are in the range of many stainless steels or even exceed them. In addition, the material is non-magnetic/magnetizable, has minimal abrasion and is highly thermally conductive and temperature-resistant. ALBROMET manufactures machine components and parts from these materials according to your drawings.  


  • Tested and certified for use in the food processing sector 
  • Safe in direct contact with dry, moist and fatty foods with a pH value >4.5
  • Significantly higher thermal conductivity than stainless steel
  • Excellent sliding properties, high strength and outstanding emergency running properties 
  • Long service life, thus minimizing the risk of production downtime
  • Components with low surface roughness 



Bronzelegierungen für den Hygienebereich
Bronzelegierungen für die Pharmaindustrie und Lebensmitteltechnik

Food compliance certificate

It is certified for use in the food sector in accordance with Regulation EU1935/2004. This means that components made from the certified Albromet alloys listed below can come into direct contact with food. ALBROMET's aluminum bronzes and copper alloys are RoHS and REACH compliant. The product range also includes beryllium-free copper alloys with very good strength values.  

Components for machines in the food technology and packaging industry:

  • Sealing head and sealing plate
  • Guides and guide bushes
  • Toothed and worm wheels
  • Sliding plates
  • Counter blades for stainless steel knives
  • Scraper elements and sliding elements
  • Dies and ejectors

Technical Advice

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