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Alubronze and copper alloys for mechanical engineering

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Alubronze and copper alloys for mechanical engineering

ALBROMET is known in a national and international level as a supplier of raw material for aluminum bronze and conductive copper, in finished parts for sliding elements, clamping and sliding parts, as well as for guiding systems in all areas of industry. This includes new- and spare parts for steel rolling mills as well as for gripping and positioning elements for the entire mechanical engineering sector.

Customers in various industries benefit from high-quality material properties, with excellent suitability for common materials. In the food processing industry, for example, the machine components prevent products from sticking. In the pharmaceutical industry, the metal meets the highest demands in hygienic areas, as it is non-magnetic, causes minimal abrasion and has a good thermal conductivity.

ALBROMET manufactures special components for machines and equipmentsfor for clients from automotive and special mechanical engineering. Together with our customers we develop solutions for plant engineering systems and end products that cannot be realized with conventional materials due to special requirements.

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Technical advice

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