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Bending Tools

Depending on the application and the pipe material, ALBROMET supplies mandrels and wiper dies in different materials.
We attach great importance to the highest material quality in order to minimise wear and to maximize the form-fit in all machining operations.


Out of hard bronze ALBROMET 300 HSC
or tool steel / with coating

- Use up to bending proportion of 1:1
- Reset by mandrel (spring force)
- Best quality, inexpensive, interchangeable
- Spare-Part-Set available

Special models:
​- sd® with 40% reduced ball distance
​- xsd® with 80% reduced ball distance
​- MMS for Minimal quantity lubrication
​- HG High gloss-package for aluminized tubes

We can make an offer for:
​- Formed-End Mandrel
​- Plug Mandrel


From stock, incl. standard parts

- High tear and wear resistance
​- Special steel for highest
​  strenght- and tough values

Wiper die and -inserts

Out of ALBROMET Aluminium bronze
or steel / with coating

- Best elongation values > 16%
- Excellent sliding properties (Ni-free alloys)
- Good wear resistance due to high strength
​- Inexpensive & short delivery time

Minimal quantity lubrication


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